Friday, 7 December 2012


Sunday, 2 December 2012

iPad case/Kindle case/iPhone case fabric cover designs - 保护套新设计

The theme of the Tech Covers I designed recently is widely ranging from variety of fabrics and materials. Playing with the fabrics or piecing out them together to see what are the best options could possibly turn out is the fun bit.

 Each item is unique and beautifully handmade using high quality fabrics. Perfect for someone looking for a stylish case for their gadget, also a great gift for someone special at X'mas.

iPad 2/iPad case
iPad Mini/ Kindle case also fit Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 
iPhone case suits all iPhone (5/4s/4/3GS/3) and most smartphones

1. Country Classic 
(in Tweed, Tartan, Herringbone, Dogtooth fabrics with lambskin fur lining & padded)

2. Wild Child 
(in animal print fur combined with country classic fabrics, cuddly fleecy lining)

3. Vintage Fever
(in 100% cotton quilt shabby chic fabrics with colorful fleecy padded lining)

4. Hot Stuff 
(in latest trendy fabrics: Bird, Owls, Russian Dolls, Cupcakes, London pattern) 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Handmade / DIY fabric iPad sleeve

iPad sleeve is taking storm in the market, especially the fabric handmade ones with personal touch have attracted eyes of stylish buyers. This DIY iPad sleeve is made with IKEA cotton fabrics, lined and padded for protection from scratch. It can be a lengthy project with details featured with front buttoned pocket and a top lid. The easier project can just be a simple sleeve, which is coming soon.......

最近 Fabric iPad case 在欧美开始流行起来,时尚的男士女士们在寻求各式花样的 case / cover 给他们手中的 gadget 增添出个性。

自己也想拥有一个独一无二的款式,就开始动手自制了。布料是来自 IKEA,100% 存棉,面料相对比较厚,自己又加上了 fleece 和内衬来防划。设计想要的效果是像折叠后衬衫的一半,前面的小兜可以放电元或travel card, 便捷又时尚。

Monday, 19 November 2012

DIY Ribbon necklace - vintage style 手工项链

Vintage style ribbon necklace. 
上个星期看到 I Spy DIY 手工博客的 ribbon 项链,很有创意,自己也学着设计了一个。
把两个不同的 ribbon 用绳子穿起来,然后连到链子上。再加上两个水钻的charm, 别有复古风情。 制作过程也是非常简单。

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Handmade woven charm bracelet & necklace 手工'友情’首饰

I recently found this cool craft website - 'Honestly WTF' with tons of trendy stuff and cool DIY ideas, being inspired by one of their DIY bracelet project , I rushed out to buy all the required parts (beads + findings + embroidery thread) for making it. With high quality variety of beads and rhinestone chain attached, I am happy for the way my little collection turned out. 

Hope you enjoy it!

这些首饰都简单好作,材料用的是绣花线 (embroidery thread ) 和手工店或珠子店里卖的散珠子 (beads)

Friday, 25 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee DIY decor

Handmade Union jack fashion accessories for Diamond Jubilee celebration: unisex Bow Tie, detachable collars 
英国女王60登基大点来了,这么喜庆的日子,全国上下都穿着 union jack 的costume 到泰晤士河边庆祝欢呼。自己本来也想去买件衣服,但想了想,为了与众不同,决定自制点小饰品搭配一下就可以了。家附近的布店新上的union jack布料,就做了个领结和假领,呵呵!

Bespoke Handmade union jack fabric buntings (embelished with ribbons, bows, labels, jewls, chains etc.) for Home decor both outdoors and indoors.

去伦敦庆祝女王登基那天,恰巧碰上了我的偶像- Kristen Allop, 好兴奋的上前合影。真没想到亲眼看到我手工制作的‘启发人’了,并跟她说我最喜欢她在 Channel 4电视节目的 Kirsties Homemade Christmas 圣诞节的手工制作,照着样子,自己有自学了好多。
想开始手工制作的mm, 看看她的电视节目,会大有启发的。

(Kristen Allop)

(Diamond Jubilee street party)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

1st ever clothes making: Summer Circle Skirt + Matching detachable Collar第一次手工自制裙子

My 1st ever clothes related sewing project.

Having spent some time sewing Home and Kitchen accessories since New Year 2012, I would never dreamt of making anything more complicated than clothes. The circle skirt turned out to be rather nice :)

 With my recent obsession of making detachable collars (see previous post), with a little leftover fabric from the skirt, the collar goes perfectly with the skirt.