Thursday, 5 April 2012

夏日甜美围裙系列 DIY Apron Collection

Although wearing an apron in the kitchen never came cross in my mind, the idea of being stylish at home is gradually trendy to young women nowadays. No matter you wear it for cooking or hosting parties, surely you will be stealing all the limelight by looking at your best.

My latest creations are made of stunning cotton fabrics or organza with delicious patterns and tones. Both full body and half aprons feature with different themes (i.e. floral vintage style, french cottage patterns, morden cometempary). The style is also varied among frilly tiers, adjustable waist and neck ties, mix and match patchwork, or decorative fabric flowers, bead and button embrodery. 

春夏来临,时髦的 mm 不仅在外面穿出自己风格的时尚衣饰,在家里也可以来装扮自己, 给家居生活添上一点点风趣。

这几款亮眼的手工自制围裙,有热情奔放的,淑女式,休闲清爽,甜美可爱等不同款式。适合优雅的yummy mummy和喜爱下厨的时尚女孩

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