Thursday, 22 November 2012

Handmade / DIY fabric iPad sleeve

iPad sleeve is taking storm in the market, especially the fabric handmade ones with personal touch have attracted eyes of stylish buyers. This DIY iPad sleeve is made with IKEA cotton fabrics, lined and padded for protection from scratch. It can be a lengthy project with details featured with front buttoned pocket and a top lid. The easier project can just be a simple sleeve, which is coming soon.......

最近 Fabric iPad case 在欧美开始流行起来,时尚的男士女士们在寻求各式花样的 case / cover 给他们手中的 gadget 增添出个性。

自己也想拥有一个独一无二的款式,就开始动手自制了。布料是来自 IKEA,100% 存棉,面料相对比较厚,自己又加上了 fleece 和内衬来防划。设计想要的效果是像折叠后衬衫的一半,前面的小兜可以放电元或travel card, 便捷又时尚。

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